A Beginners Guide to BB Cream

So you might be familiar with all the different types of foundation – from powder to cream, and even a serum-like water foundation. But what exactly is BB cream, and what makes it a member of the foundation family? The name itself doesn’t tell us much at all. Rejoice! Because we’re here to bring you the scoop on BB cream, whether you’ve spotted it out of curiosity in the beauty aisle or have never heard of it at all. Here’s why we’re so in love with this beauty multitasker.

100% PURE BB Creams

What is BB Cream?

It’s time to dispel the mystery – what exactly does BB stand for? BB stands for blemish balm, or beauty balm. But it does more than just a tinted cream. The special formula of a BB cream allows it to do even more than just double duty. It’s a foundation, primer, moisturizer, and sunblock all in one. It exploded in the Korean cosmetics market when Korean women wanted alternatives to traditional foundations that were too heavy and thick for their tastes. While a BB cream is more lightweight than the usual cream foundation, it still offers medium to full coverage like a normal foundation! Because of its smoother texture, BB cream can also function as a primer by evening out skin tone for flawless makeup application. It often contains moisturizing ingredients and SPF as well, and can be a dream come true for those of you looking to cut down on steps in your daily beauty routine.

Our natural BB creams are truly luxe, and provide moisturization, sun protection, and luminous coverage all in one. They’re lightweight yet creamy, making them ideal for flake free and clump free wear. Our BB creams are formulated to help cover lines, scars, and provide SPF 15 coverage to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. Oh, and did we mention that they give you adjustable medium to full coverage too, for a glowing, flawless complexion?

BB Cream Ingredients Chart

Why Use BB Cream?

We’re not saying that you can use a BB cream to replace your skin care. We recommend you follow a daily morning and night skin care routine (don’t know where to start? Try a Korean skin care routine) to keep your complexion healthy and glowing. What you need to know is that your skin is constantly absorbing everything it touches. That includes sunlight, pollution, and yes – even the skin care and makeup you put on your skin. The perk of a natural BB cream is that you’re enjoying soothing coverage without the chemicals found in conventional cosmetics. Makeup should be as healthful as skin care, and skin care should come without any harmful toxins that can irritate skin. We think that’s a pretty easy argument to make!

We’re all about work smarter, not harder. What a natural BB cream can do for your skin is to offer moisturization, skin smoothing, and sun protection on top of your skin care to ensure comfortable, all day wear. In addition to offering medium to full coverage, our natural BB Creams contain antiseptic lavender and rosemary to refresh and soothe skin. Skin loving aloe vera, vitamin E, and shea butter make this formula a nourishing choice for normal to dry skin types. Responsibly sourced mica gives the natural formula a gentle shimmer for a sun kissed complexion. Bilberry and raspberry seed oil lock in moisture to help promote smooth, more youthful skin.

The lightweight texture and adjustable coverage of this natural BB cream makes it perfect for a no makeup look or any natural makeup look. Blend a layer onto your face to even out your skin tone and texture, with minimal additional makeup for a fresh look. Keep it in your purse while traveling for touch ups and sun protection on the go. You can also use it as an illuminating primer beneath other natural foundations if you want some heavier coverage. Here’s the breakdown on all of our BB cream shades.

BB Cream Arm Swatches

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