Natural Eye Shadow Guide

Do you love eye shadow? Do you wish your eye shadow was healthy for your skin and safe for eyes? How about if your eye shadow looked gorgeous, and could actually improve your skin while you wear it? Well buckle up, because we’ve laid out an extensive eye shadow guide that will really open your pretty peepers!

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Does Your Eye Shadow Pass the Test?

Up for a quick challenge before we begin? Open another tab, and Google your current eye shadow. (Trust us, this will make the guide ahead that much more helpful!)

Test #1: Does the brand make it hard to find their full ingredient list?

Yes? Hmm…red flag there. Proceed to next question.

No? Move on to Test #2

Test #2: Does the list contain Carmine or CI 77491?

Yes? Wouldn’t you rather swap crushed beetles and heavy metals for strawberries or black tea?

No? Phew! Dodged some dicey ingredients on that one.

Test #3: Does the list contain any dimethicone?

Yes? Have you read about how it can trap bacteria and potentially cause acne?

No? Alright, we’ll keep rolling on.

Test #4: Do your eyes ever itch or water after application?

Yes? Eep! You might be allergic or have sensitivities to this formula. Discontinue use and talk to your doctor.

No? Woo! Good job keeping your peepers in safe and sound.

Test #5: Have you answered “Yes” to any of the above?

Yes? Time to switch to a natural eye shadow! You’ve come to the right place!

No? Woot, woot! Tip of the hat to you.

Now that you’re fired up over finding eye makeup that’s actually good for skin, let’s help you pick a natural eye shadow look that’s perfect for you!

PRO TIP: Have you figured out your eye shape yet? If not, hop on over to our The Ultimate Eye Makeup Guide where we’ll help you find your correct eye shape.


100% PURE Eye Shadow

What Colors Natural Eye Shadow?

Rather than using harsh synthetic dyes (see what colors 100% PURE makeup), our highly pigmented natural eye shadow shades are made from fruits and veggies. 100% PURE has the patent on this truly revolutionary beauty breakthrough for color cosmetics.

Our ingredient lists look more like a grocery list instead of an eye shadow ingredient list: peaches, apricots, tomatoes, strawberries, papayas, black tea, plums… We aren’t formulating our dyes out of C14499 or Red Dye #2, Yellow #5. We’re using Goji Berries, Carrots and Blackberries. Good to eat, safe to wear.

100% PURE has truly set the bar higher than ever with natural eye shadows that you would swear were eye creams. We’re all about working smarter, not harder! We’ve formulated our natural eye makeup in a velvety base of avocado butter and vitamin-packed rosehip oil. Our gluten free eye shadow formulas are produced with a fine rice starch for smooth, even application.

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