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Skin care isn’t always straightforward, and you may find yourself staring at a bottle of semi-expensive water wondering, “what is this doing for my skin?” Trust us, if it’s a natural toner, it’s much more powerful than the stuff in our water bottles. Toner way back in the day was a liquid that helped to neutralize oily or blemish-prone skin. These formulas were full of dehydrators like alcohol, so understandably toner wasn’t very popular. Fast-forward to the year 2018, and the game has entirely changed, with a hydrating toner being absolutely essential to the popular Korean skin care routine everyone’s been raving about. A natural toner can contain much more than just water, and can completely up your skin care game by creating glowing, plump skin after a deep cleanse. Go back to basics with us and explore all the good a natural toner can do for your skin.

Why You Need a Natural Toner

We touched on what a toner is in our comprehensive skin care guide, but to go deeper into a toner’s function, we actually have to start at the beginning of our skin care routine. For most of us, that’s cleansing. Morning or night, we cleanse our face not just of makeup and dirt, but also to replenish our thirsty skin with nutrients (like with our Berry Nectar Nourishing Cleanser). Toner comes afterwards to clear leftover debris from cleansing and exfoliating. It deeply hydrates and balances your skin pH, resulting in a more soothing, refreshing clean.

We’re all about skin care steps and while there is some flexibility in your routine, some products are used in order for a reason. Toner is one of those things that you want to do in the right order. We always apply our natural toner after cleansing our face and here’s why – toner not only helps remove excess debris that our cleansers may have missed, but also prep our skin for the next power players in our skin care routine, like a green tea protective serum. A hydrating toner is like that first hit of cold water after 30 minutes of high incline cardio. Our pores open up and slurp in the toner which helps to prep our skin for the luxe products we’re sure to layer on top. For that reason, you don’t want to miss out on this essential prep step that will up your entire skin care game. Want the VIP treatment? Rotate toners that suit both your skin type and lifestyle; use something extra hydrating in the morning, and something more soothing before bed or swap around toner types until you find your perfect princess routine.

Toner is commonly applied to a cotton ball or cotton round and then smoothed over clean skin in gentle upwards motions. Occasionally, toners come with a spray nozzle, but we much prefer the cotton application as it ensures each area is well drenched with hydrating nutrients. Although some of us may want to focus on a specific area, such as a dry patch or breakout, we say toner is like hot sauce – put it on everything! The perk about using a natural toner is that you can even pump it into your hands so you don’t lose a single drop of the hydrating goodness, and pat it onto your eyelids and around your eyes without worrying about irritation.

Squeeze Toner

Why Choose a Natural Toner?

Now to be clear, we fully endorse using toner, but you have to choose the right one; this means targeting your skin needs and looking for powerful ingredients. Many conventional toners have harsh irritants in them, similar to the toners that were used back in the 80s and 90s, but even stronger. They act as chemical exfoliants, but aren’t balanced with boosted hydrators. In fact, they can cause rapid skin damage, breakouts, rashes and hit the reset button on all the beautiful skin progress you’ve made since implementing your 2018 resolutions. To avoid a skin care fiasco, look for a natural toner that’s formulated with multitasking components to boost not only hydration, but help contribute to improved texture and healthier skin. The key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential oils for ultimate hydrating and nourishing action.

Which Natural Toner is for You?

We can’t go back to basics without a little breakdown of the best natural toners to use in your pursuit of glowing, toned skin. We have a range of toners that help assist with those who already have modelesque skin, or for the rest of us waking up with bigger bags than Gucci.

Rice Water Toner Chart

Fermented rice water – also known as Sake – is a true nutrient powerhouse rich in enzymes, amino acids, malic acid, minerals and vitamins for a glowing goddess complexion. White mulberry, shiitake mushroom, and licorice add an additional brightening boost to help do away dark spots. We believe in hydrating with more than just water – which contains zero nutrients! – so we’ve packed our hydrating toner with hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, and vegetable glycerin for intense skin hydration and plumping. Obsessed with the skin benefits of Sake? Follow with a Fermented Rice Water Serum for even more enhanced glow.

Hydrating Toner Chart

Do you have naturally dry, irritated skin, or skin that changes types seasonally? This toner is going to be your best friend. We’ve raved about the benefits of seaweed before. Algae and sea kelp extract from unpolluted waters retain the purest sea nutrients for your skin, and lock the rest of the enriching ingredients into your thirsty skin. Refreshing chia seed water is packed with skin-firming proteins, while hyaluronic acid provides an absorbent texture for deeply penetrating, long lasting hydration. We love the skin plumping properties of seaweed so much that we’ve formulated a Restorative Sea Hydrate Serum to complement your toner.

Tea Clarifying Astringent

For oily or acne-prone skin: Tea Tree & Willow Acne Clear Astringent

Rosemary, parsley and tea tree are giving this toner mega skin-balancing power for a soothed, softened complexion. They help to purify bacteria from skin and balance excess oil production for skin that is bouncy and glowy, but not greasy or dried out. Take into account the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, glow enhancer that turmeric is and you’ve hit the jackpot in your skin care routine with one product alone.

Toner is not something that we’ve been raised to swear by in beauty, but it’s something that anyone can and should use for a more effective skin care routine! Better yet, at 100% PURE, we specialize in organic and natural skin care to offer toners for anyone and everyone looking to achieve that radiant Jlo glow year around. A natural toner is a true multitasker for getting healthy, more hydrated skin. Able to balance pH, deeply hydrate and lock in nutrients, toners are a daily necessity for any skin type. Your skin will breathe a sigh of relief as your natural toner delivers soothing herbs, plant extracts, and natural hydrating ingredients into your delicate dermal layers.

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