Do You Train Like Clinton or Trump? 

In the hot mess of the current Presidential election cycle, we can see 2 distinct campaign styles from the final candidates. Regardless your political alignment, you can draw certain parallels as to which campaign style matches your training method.

The Candidates:

Donald Trump’s campaign style:

  • Loosely organized
  • Runs by instinct
  • Won’t change course to adjust for new variables
  • Doesn’t take advice well

Hillary Clinton’s campaign style:

  • Well organized
  • Data driven
  • Changes course when necessary
  • Depends on feedback from advisors

All you have to do is look at the current poll numbers to see which method is working best right now.

Now before you get all angry and call me a Communist Anti-Trump Clintonite, chill I have a point.  Take a look at the points above and ask yourself a few questions and determine which style best reflects your current training methods.


  1. Is my training program an actual living, breathing program I have written down complete with a plan of progression?
  2. Is that program based on solid science and past results?
  3. Am I able to recognize holes in my strategy and make necessary corrections?
  4. Do I take advice well from people smarter/stronger than me?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, you are well on your way to reaching your ultimate strength goals.

If you answer NO to one or two, you’re going to get slower results and not as good as you could.

If you can’t answer YES to ANY of the questions above, put your jacket on and leave the gym immediately. You will find no gainz here.

Stop being stubborn and plug the holes in your training plan. Here’s how:

  • Write out your training plan for AT LEAST the next 3 weeks
  • Read a blog post per week and a book a month on the science and practice of strength training (anything by Dan John, Alwyn Cosgrove, or Nick Tumminello to name a few)
  • If it’s not getting you closer to your goal, change direction. Might be a new exercise, set/rep scheme, rest, but find what works and execute.
  • On a regular basis, sit down with a good coach and have him/her review your program and give honest feedback based on your goals and current results.Then TAKE THE ADVICE they give.

I could never write for STRENGTH. COM again and this post could be the last word I’ll ever need to say to someone who asks me how to make steady progress in their training no matter what the goal is.

So let’s make your body great (or greatER) again. Complete the program assessment and post your results in the comment section below.

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